What is Mindkeep?

Well, it started as (what I thought was) a cool domain name for my email. I wanted to to be short and easy for people to remember. Though now, I'd like it's focus to be a place to hold my thoughts. That sort of fits, right?

Also, I'm going to be updating the projects page, which will primarily be used for computer related stuff. To start with, I'll talk a little about how I designed this rather simple site and how I configured my router and home network security. Who knows? Maybe I'll even start up a real programming project some day. Of course, I'd expect most visitors don't care a whole lot about this, so feel free to skip it.

Also check out the links page for tons of sites that I frequent ranging from being useful to slightly more interesting than staring at the wall.

Site News/Status

The site is finally looking up. The projects page still needs some actual content, but the more important thoughts page may actually be ready for public consumption.

Last Update: 2014-10-09 12:04 PDT(-0700)